Generous spirits

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Football team members joined some 100 undergraduates and Campus School students and staff on the plaza between Merkert and Campion on November 2 for the annual celebration of “Spirit Day.” The event “simulates a football rally for our kids,” according to Laura Hines, assistant program director of the Campus School, which provides educational and therapeutic services to 47 children with multiple disabilities from eastern Massachusetts. Since 1996, Campus School Volunteers of Boston College, one of the University’s largest clubs, has supported the school through a “buddy” program that pairs University students with Campus School students, and by holding golf tournaments, broom hockey competitions, and other fundraising events as well as promoting “sponsorships” for University students who run the Boston Marathon. Thanks to the efforts of many University organizations and several hundred students, the Campus School Volunteers raised $132,000 during the last 12 months, which it presented to the school on November 2.

This feature was posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2007 and is filed under Featured Photo.

Photograph: Frank Curran