Life and legacy

Published: April 2005

Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005, in the 27th year of his pontificate. Below are links to sites on the Boston College website and in the media that feature presentations and reflections on the man, his work, and the future of the papacy. @BC will add additional links to this page as they are made available.

From the President

In the media

Front Row

John L. Allen Jr.

How Rome views the American church

John L. Allen, Jr., speaks on pivotal issues that will be faced by Pope John Paul II’s successor. View an associated story from Boston College Chronicle.

John Quinn

The reform of the papacy: A permanent synod?

John Quinn, former archbishop of San Francisco and author of The Reform of the Papacy: The Costly Call to Christian Unity, offers suggestions for changing the way authority is exercised within the Church.

Center for Christian Jewish Learning

Pope John Paul II

Definer of a new relationship: John Paul II and the Jewish people

A slideshow featuring quotations and images from John Paul II’s work to improve Catholic-Jewish relations.

Boston College Magazine

In his time

The consequential papacy of Pope John Paul II

In 2001, Boston College Magazine asked a handful of observers—a Jesuit, a feminist scholar, a political scientist, a Catholic journalist—to examine the papacy of John Paul II from their respective vantage points.

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