California streamin’

Published: December 2005

Life on the Heights has become fodder for a popular online student-produced television parody called The BC. A spoof of Fox television’s hit drama The OC—which tells the story of a young man, down on his luck, who gets a second chance when he lands in prosperous Orange County, California—The BC chronicles the travails of “Woody Atryan,” a young man who’s been expelled from Boston University but who gets his second chance when he is admitted to Boston College.

The show is the brainchild of seniors Sherwood Tondorf (who plays Atryan) and Joe Sabia, who plays bumbling “Seth Lohan,” a BC student who tries to guide Atryan through Boston College, and who is described on the program’s website as “an existential hero in the spirit of Holden Caufield, Benjamin Braddock, or any John Cusack character from the late 80s.”

The program, now comprising three episodes, has been the subject of stories in Newsweek, the Boston Globe, and on Boston television, and draws thousands of website visitors every week. On December 9, the latest episode, titled “Under New Management”—which features a slew of cameos by student-athletes and coaches—debuted to a packed house in a campus auditorium. Episodes of The BC, along with cast bios and trailers, can be viewed on the program’s website.

This feature was posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 and is filed under Videos.
Writer: Noah Kuhn