Higgins Stairs

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View of Higgins Stairs

Mounted atop the Yawkey Athletics Center roof, this webcam looks out on the Higgins Stairs and 21 Campanella Way, located adjacent to Conte Forum and the Flynn Recreation Complex. Students commonly refer to the 120 steps, completed in 2001 and named for the science building in the upper left corner, as the “Million Dollar Stairs.” The moniker derives from a campus legend that the stairs are internally heated, at a cost of a million dollars, in order to melt snow in the winter. This is, of course, a myth; the Higgins Stairs are dutifully shoveled and salted after every snowfall.

On the hillside to the east of O'Neil Library, 21 Campanella Way houses academic departments (communication, economics, history, theology, and philosophy), as well as the offices of the Dean for Student Development, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and Residential Life. The first floor is home to the Boston College Police Department, a BC Bookstore annex, and Hillside Café, a popular eatery specializing in gourmet sandwiches and Starbucks coffee.