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Incorporating physics, chemistry, and mineralogy, “Intersections of Science and Painting,” a new course created by chemistry professor David McFadden (right), shows students how scientific knowledge and analysis are used to restore and conserve works of art, verify the age of materials, and establish authenticity. Richard Newman (left), who heads the scientific research laboratory at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, joined McFadden’s class in Merkert 130 on April 21 to describe the techniques he employs in examining artwork, and to recount his collaborations with art historians and museums. For the 40 undergraduates in the class—including majors in art, biology, chemistry, and 12 other disciplines—Newman’s lecture was “a nice way of seeing how all the things we had studied are put to use,” said McFadden.

This feature was posted on Friday, April 24, 2009 and is filed under Featured Photo.

Photograph: Lee Pellegrini