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Thirty-five colleges and universities from the Northeast sent some 100 representatives to “A Career Summit: Responding to the Economic Crisis,” a daylong event sponsored by the Boston College Career Center. Discussion included “Being da Vinci—Helping our alumni sculpt new identities for a changing world”; “Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter—Creative networking ideas”; and “Alternative experiential models/Job shadowing programs.” The meeting, which took place June 24 on Brighton Campus, was organized by Theresa Harrigan, director of the Career Center, to reckon with a labor market that, she noted, has changed for students and alumni alike: “We used to tell students, ‘Find your passion and follow it;’ now we say, ‘Find your passion, hold on to it, but be prepared to pursue other paths.'” Above, Linda Ernst (in red jacket), assistant director for career services at Providence College, talks with presenter Susan Kennedy, a professional job coach and coauthor of The Job Coach for Young Professionals.

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Photograph: Lee Pellegrini