9 Lake

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Named Philosophy House when it was constructed by Archbishop John Williams to provide seminary classrooms on then-diocesan land in 1889, the recently renovated stone and brick building with its towering white steeple at 9 Lake Street, purchased by Boston College in 2004, is the new home of the University’s School of Theology and Ministry (STM). Classrooms, conference rooms, offices, an administrative service center (visible in the background, above), and furnished informal gathering spaces line the broad hallways of the 40,650 square-foot building; renovation of an 80-seat chapel will be completed in the fall. STM is the University’s newest professional school. With 300 students and 25 full-time faculty, it incorporates the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, the Weston Jesuit School of Theology (formerly in nearby Cambridge), and C21 Online, a program of distance learning. Above, on moving-in day August 18, are (from left) Rebecca Camacho ’07, a master’s student in divinity; Erika Meyer, a dual master’s student in pastoral ministry and social work; doctoral student Nathaniel Samuel, MA’09; Wendy Samuel, whose 2009 master’s degree is in pastoral ministry; and Daniel Cosacchi, a master’s student in theological studies.

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Photograph: Frank Curran