Going for the gold

Published: October 2009

Featured Photo

Based on the aerial sport played by witches and wizards in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, the quidditch tournament sponsored by Undergraduate Government of Boston College on October 4 drew 16 teams, including Dumbledore’s Army, The First Years, and Hermione’s Broomstick, the ultimate winner. Collegiate quidditch, which first appeared on campuses in 2005 and has spread to more than 180 universities and colleges across the country and beyond, uses volleyballs as quaffles (for scoring), and dodgeballs as bludgers (for hurling at opponents). Broomsticks must be carried between the legs, with one hand always on the broom. Matches in the tournament lasted 12 minutes, with the golden snitch—a student dressed in yellow and carrying yellow flags—racing onto the field at minute 10. Above, Casey Hsiung ’12 (falling), grabs a flag off the snitch, winning the game for her team, They Who Must Not Be Named.

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Photograph: J.D. Levine