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The 209 Boston College alumni who died in the line of duty during U.S. military conflicts—15 in World War I, 158 in World War II, 6 in the Korean War, 29 in the Vietnam War, and 1 in Afghanistan—will be commemorated on a new memorial wall bearing their names. Situated on the north side of the Burns Library lawn, the serpentine wall, which is 70 feet long and 20 inches high along its front, slanting upward to 24 inches, will be dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, in a ceremony at which retired Marine Corps General John J. Sheehan ’62 will speak. Preceding the dedication, University President William P. Leahy, SJ, will be principal celebrant at a Mass in St. Ignatius Church.

In the photo above, masons position the inscribed granite panels on October 13. For more information on the dedication, click here

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Photograph by Gary Wayne Gilbert