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A panel of journalists, including the editors of Boston College’s independent student print newspapers, the Heights and the Observer, and the student programming director of WZBC, discussed the rights, responsibilities, and power of campus media, November 5 in Devlin 008. The conversation focused on what all agreed were the most likely sources of controversy—editorials and opinion pieces—and the unusual challenges of putting out a campus paper. Michael Reer ’10, editor-in-chief of the Observer, commented that he saw the mission of his paper as being to “share the good news, investigate when things aren’t going well,” and offer opinion pieces that “make you rethink an opinion you already have.” But in the relatively small, tight-knit community of a campus, he said, opinion pieces have disproportionate influence, and editors should be mindful. The panelists agreed that regular turnover of both readership and staffs—with publications losing their most seasoned editors and writers at Commencement each spring—points to the need for continual conversation about standards and coverage. Ryan McDaid ’10, WZBC program director, offered Boston College’s AM station WVBC, with its regular talks shows, as a venue. Above (from left) are Thomas Mulvoy ’64, former managing editor of the Boston Globe (and Heights alumnus); Jamel Bell, assistant professor of communication; Jon Marcus, former editor of Boston magazine and adjunct member of the communication department; Alexi Chi ’10, editor-in-chief of the Heights; and McDaid.

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Photograph by Frank Curran