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Published: November 2009

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The Northern Ireland photographer and journalist Bobbie Hanvey visited Boston College on November 5 for the opening of an exhibit of his work at the O’Neill Library and to mark the online launch of the Bobbie Hanvey Photographic Archives. To date, some 3,800 of the images acquired from Hanvey by the University have been digitized; when completed, the online collection will exceed 50,000. Hanvey captured the events and faces of Northern Ireland starting in the early 1970s. He photographed musicians and writers, the indigent Travellers, politicians, soldiers, and paramilitaries, as well as scenes of arson, bombings, and ordinary life.

Above, in the Burns Library’s Francis Thompson Room are Hanvey (center) with Ph.D. students and collection cataloguers Katherine Kellett (left) and Annemarie Anderson and Burns head archivist David Horn.

To learn more about the University’s Bobbie Hanvey collection and to see images, click here.

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Photograph: Gary Wayne Gilbert