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At the January 19 meeting of the Council of Undergraduate Journal Editors, staff members from three of the University’s undergraduate, peer-reviewed journals—Al-Noor, a publication focused on the Middle East and Islam; Elements, a forum for student research across disciplines; and The Laughing Medusa, a women’s literary and arts magazine—conferred on topics of common concern (budgets, IT systems, distribution methods, the need for an editorial style manual). Also discussed were areas of possible collaboration, including joint sponsorship of a conference later this year of New England undergraduate journal editors. The council, which was formed in 2008, meets monthly and also includes editors from Dialogue, a journal of student essays, and the bioethics publication Ethos. Clockwise from bottom left: Erin Eighan ’10, Alex Guittard ’11, Michael Weston-Murphy ’10, Amy Keresztes ’10, Madeline McSherry ’11, Donald Hafner, vice-provost for undergraduate academic affairs, Brian Varian ’11, Brian Tracz ’12, and Christopher Sheridan ’12.

This feature was posted on Thursday, January 21, 2010 and is filed under Featured Photo.
Photograph: Gary Wayne Gilbert