Published: February 2010

Featured Photo

An evolving student art exhibition opened January 27 on the first floor of O’Neill Library in a large alcove newly designated the Level One Gallery. Called The Living Wall: A Public Sketchbook, the show offers wall space to any form of student expression—from penciled cartoon to poetry to oil on canvas—that can be contained on the expansive cork panels lining the area. The ever-changing display, which runs through February 24, was conceived by, and is moderated by, the undergraduate Boston College Art Club. Margaret Mansfield ’11, club vice president, seen above at the Living Wall opening with Matthew Swaim ’12, says members envisioned the exhibition as a three-dimensional blog, with art coming from across the student body and pieces premiering throughout the month of the show. According to University librarian Thomas Wall, the new gallery space reflects an effort to make the library the “center of academic life today. . . .a place of collaboration, exploration, of being seen and seeing.” A more formal student gallery housed at the Bapst Art Library will present a new show on March 18.

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Photograph: Lee Pellegrini