Facing Goliaths

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Political scientists and theologians from around the country gathered at Boston College March 7 and 8 to consider the biblical King David’s life as a politician—as a unifier of his people and a diplomat among hostile neighbors. The goal, according to Boston College associate professor of theology David Vanderhooft, was to examine the “complexity of David as a political figure . . . not just an object lesson in piety.” Sponsored by the Boston College theology department, the Initiative for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, and the Boston College Institute for the Liberal Arts, the colloquy took place in the Murray Room of the Yawkey Athletic Center. During a break in Monday’s sessions were (from left): Baruch Halpern, Chaiken Family Chair in Jewish Studies, Penn State University; Jeffrey Cooley, assistant professor of theology, Boston College; Vanderhooft; Pheme Perkins, professor of theology, Boston College; Amanda Podany, professor of history, California State Polytechnic, Pomona; and Jimmy Roberts, the William Henry Green Professor of Old Testament Literature (emeritus), Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Photograph Lee Pellegrini