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Former chairman of the Federal Reserve and current head of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker was guest lecturer at the March 29 session of MF 613, an undergraduate course titled “Financial Crisis of 08/09: Economic and Regulatory Policy” that explores financial history, current conditions, and policy options. Volcker spoke off the record to the class and other members of the Carroll School of Management about causes of the recent economic turmoil and ideas for redress, including the much-publicized “Volcker rule,” his proposal to forbid proprietary trading by commercial banks. Pictured with James Cullen ’10 (left) and Kevin Kelly ’13, he visited the class at the invitation of its professor, Richard Syron ’66, a past CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and a University trustee.

This feature was posted on Thursday, April 8, 2010 and is filed under Featured Photo.

Photograph: John Gillooly