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The best known forum for student moviemaking at Boston College is the Baldwins, an annual Oscars-style affair held in the spring to celebrate film and video creations by undergraduates. Recently, film major Sean Meehan ’11 proposed another showcase. Inspired by the 2006 production Paris, je t’aime (“Paris, I love you”), a movie composed of 18 short films that loosely adhere to the title, Meehan chose “BC, I Love You” as the motif for a similar collection. Nine directors—eight undergraduates and one professor in the film studies department—contributed films, with titles such as Quad Thoughts, We’re Just Friends, Harsh Transitions, and Mary Ann’s Love Story. The movies varied in length, from just under three minutes to 11 minutes. Support for the evening came from the “BC to Boston” initiative of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College and the University’s film studies department. Part-time fine arts faculty member Carter Long, who is also curator of film at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, arranged for the event to be held in the museum’s 380-seat Remis Auditorium, which was filled almost to capacity.

On December 11, prior to the screening, the directors gathered with supporters outside the museum’s auditorium (above). In the foreground at center-left, wearing a suit and white shirt, is Meehan.

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Photograph by J.D. Levine