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Clinton Kelly ’91 (right), co-host since 2003 of TLC’s What Not to Wear and the author of three books on personal style—including Oh No She Didn’t (2010)—came to Devlin Hall on February 24 to deliver frank advice to students contemplating a job interview. “You’re being judged by your appearance,” he told his audience of some 300 undergraduates. Avoid being “too trend-forward,” he said, but “you need to look interesting.” To women, he counseled, “The kneecap is the safe zone” for skirt length; and sleeveless tops should be eschewed—”keep the armpit covered.” To men: “Socks should match your trousers”; “shoes should match your belt.” In general, he said, “people your age tend to dress down and then have a hard time adjusting to the workplace.”

As planned, Kelly critiqued the interview attire of five undergraduate volunteers, among them Christian Bates ’14 (left). Kelly suggested that Bates swap the dark shirt for a white one and shorten the jacket sleeves to leave a half-inch of shirt cuff showing (Bates demurred on the latter tip, since the suit was his father’s).

The event was organized by Janet Costa Bates, associate director of the Career Center (with microphone). Tuesday, March 15, the Center will host Science Night, an opportunity for undergraduate students to meet with alumni in the scientific fields.

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Photograph by J.D. Levine