A deliberate walk

Published: September 2015

On May 22, ten undergraduates set off from the Spanish city of León to walk 215 miles, nearly the entire western half of the Camino de Santiago, a 1,200-year-old trail across northern Spain. The trek was part of the coursework (along with assigned readings and writing during the spring semester) for PL449 “Self-Knowledge and Discernment: The Experience of Pilgrimage,” taught by associate professor of philosophy Jeffrey Bloechl. Anthony Corcoran, SJ—Fr. Tony, as the students called him—a veteran Camino walker and friend of Bloechl’s, served as the hike’s coleader, and Boston College Magazine‘s Zachary Jason ’11 photographed, reported, and sometimes recorded the 13-day experience. Jason wrote about the walk for BCM‘s Summer 2015 issue. Here he narrates a collection of sounds from the Camino.

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Produced by Ravi Jain.