Art and life

Published: May 2005

More than 200 undergraduates displayed their artwork during the seventh annual Boston College Arts Festival in April in a trio of exhibitions called Out of the Studios: Work by Student Artists. The exhibitions—in a tent on O’Neill Plaza, in the Bapst Student Art Gallery, and in studios and hallways on Devlin Hall’s fourth floor—were organized by Sheila Gallagher, an assistant professor in the fine arts department, and seniors Elizabeth Amento and Elissa Quinn. Most of the work was created by students in the studio art program, which offers courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, art history, and digital technology.

A few days before the start of the festival, @BC went into the studio to shoot portraits of seven students with their work, and asked them to name the artists, museums, and artworks that serve as personal inspiration.

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Writer: Jeanne C. Williams
Photos: Gary Wayne Gilbert
Producer: Noah Kuhn