Battle stations

Published: April 2014

The contest began in late February, when judges from the University’s Music Guild, the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, Nights on the Heights, and the Arts Council selected six bands, on the strength of a submitted recording, to compete in a preliminary round for the honor of being named “BC’s Best.” After live performances in the Vanderslice Cabaret Room on March 14, finalists were chosen for a face-off, to take place at O’Neill Plaza on opening night of the University’s 16th annual Arts Festival, April 24.

A few days before the final showdown, @BC got a preview in the Bonn Studio Theater.

“Pineapple Groove,” played by Juice, with Kamau Burton ’17 (vocals/acoustic guitar); Miles Clyatt ’17 (drums); Jack Godfrey ’14 (bass); Daniel Moss ’17 (electric guitar); Christian Rougeau ’17 (violin/vocals); Ben Stevens ’17 (vocals); and Chris Vu ’17 (keyboard).

“Devil’s Wine,” played by Bobnoxious & the Master Craftsmen, with Sean Eckelman ’14 (lead guitar); Phil Hudner ’14 (rhythm guitar); Tom Jennings ’14 (bass); Ryan Moore ’14 (drums); and Bobby Scheuch ’14 (keyboard/vocals).

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Update: On April 24, following live performances, the winning band was announced: Juice.

Producers: Paul Dagnello and Ravi Jain. Video: Michael Archambault, Bijoyini Chatterjee, Paul Dagnello, Ravi Jain. Audio: Paul Dagnello.