Capital steps

Published: February 2013


On Sunday morning, January 20, the 160 members of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band—led by director David Healey—boarded buses for Washington, D.C., to take their place in the Presidential Inaugural Parade held on January 21. Out of some 2,800 performing groups that applied to be a part of the parade, 60 had been chosen.

Monday morning began with a security check at the Pentagon, after which the band traveled by bus to the foot of the U.S. Capitol Building. They set off in formation along the 15-block parade route, up Pennsylvania Avenue and past the presidential reviewing stand in front of the White House, performing “For Boston” all the while, with maroon and gold flags flying.

This feature was posted on Thursday, February 21, 2013 and is filed under Videos.
Producer: Ravi Jain. Video: Ryan Newton, Ravi Jain.

Parade footage courtesy of assistant director of bands Erin Meiman and band executive board member John Clifton.