Googled: Clinton Kelly ’91, style guru

Published: December 2004

Clinton Kelly’s work as the gentle but irreverent cohost of What Not to Wear, the reality television show now in its third season on the cable channel TLC, is to help a fashion victim spend $5,000 to remake her look—clothes, hair, and makeup. Before joining the show, Kelly was executive editor at DNR, a menswear magazine; deputy editor of Mademoiselle, where he penned an advice column under the pseudonym Joe L’Amour; and a contributing editor to Marie Claire. In an interview with Newsday, his mother says the Boston College communication major was always fashion conscious, noting that Kelly would spend $100 on a Missoni tie, even as the money in his food plan was running low.

This feature was posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 and is filed under Alumni.
Writer: Jeanne C. Williams