Fast track

Published: February 2013



tokes Hall opened for classes on January 14, two years, three months, and 10 days after barrier fences went up on middle campus around the area between McElroy Commons and Lyons Hall. An on-site construction crew of nearly 300 completed the foundation in early spring 2011 (0:20 in the video) and closed in the 70-foot-tall, four-story structure in late winter 2012 (0:43). Masons laid 25,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone veneer, work crews installed 812 windows, and landscapers put down 7,500 square yards of lawn. The completed 183,000-square-foot liberal arts facility contains 36 classrooms and houses the classical studies, English, history, philosophy, and theology departments, the Arts and Sciences Honors Program, a coffee shop, and the offices of First Year Experience, PULSE, and the Academic Advising Center.

This 78-second video is made from still images grabbed from the feed of the northwest-facing webcam atop Carney Hall. It begins on November 10, 2010, and ends on February 11, 2013. A live feed of Stokes may be viewed here.

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Senior Producer: Ravi Jain; Producer: Miles Benson.