Googled: Denise Morrison ’75

Published: June 2012

Denise Morrison was named president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company on August 1, 2011. An economics and psychology major at Boston College, Morrison started out in sales at Proctor and Gamble, before moving on to positions at Pepsi, Nestle, Nabisco, and Kraft. She joined Campbell in 2003, with responsibility for global sales, and became chief operating officer in October 2010. Earlier that year, Morrison had overseen the campaign to reduce sodium content in many of Campbell’s condensed soups, part of a salt-reduction strategy that spanned Campbell brands from V8 juices to Prego sauces to Pepperidge Farm breads.

“I knew at a very young age I wanted to run a company, and in school and beyond I was training all my life for what I do today,” Morrison told the Wall Street Journal in May. She recalled how her father, a former Cincinnati Bell CFO, frequently talked business at the dinner table with his four daughters during her childhood. Now, Morrison and her sisters are all executives.

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