Googled: Matt Ryan ’07, quarterback

Published: March 2008

Almost certainly, Matthew Ryan ’07—the player who has “everything you want in an NFL quarterback,” according to a recent Sporting News cover story—is just one month away from joining an NFL franchise, becoming the highest professional sports draft pick in Boston College history, and drawing a multimillion-dollar salary. As the Eagles’ quarterback for the better part of two and a half years, Ryan’s numbers were impressive by any measure. His 2007 season—in which he set Boston College’s single-season records for yards, touchdowns, and completions—garnered him the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, the Manning Award, and the ACC Player of the Year award. He also netted career touchdown and yard numbers that put him behind only Doug Flutie ’85 and Glenn Foley ’94 in University history.

But where those two were the 285th and 208th players picked in their respective NFL drafts, Ryan is likely to be among the top 10 draft picks, according to NFL scout Frank Coyle’s in Draft Insiders’ Digest. Represented by Tom Condon ’74, one of the NFL’s most successful agents, Ryan is projected as high as Number 1. Even if he drops to the Atlanta Falcons as the Number 3 pick, as many experts expect, he would still best Terry Driscoll ’69, drafted fourth in the 1969 NBA draft, as the highest draft pick for a Boston College athlete in any sport. Many fans will remember Ryan more for the moments than his numbers: his last-minute comebacks against Virginia Tech and Clemson, the Eagles’ first trip to an ACC championship, and three straight bowl wins, among others.

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Writer: Reeves Wiedeman '08