Guerrilla orchestra

Published: December 2012

On December 9 in Gasson 100, Stephen Drury, founder and director of the contemporary–music group Callithumpian Consort, led 10 musicians—three Callithumpians and seven undergraduates—in a rehearsal of Cobra (1984), an improvisational work by American composer John Zorn. Cobra is one of Zorn’s “game” pieces, in which rules substitute for a score. Hand signals, flash cards, and custody of a headband determine the order of playing, the dynamics, and who solos, but the music is the performers’ to invent, from off-kilter oboe intonations to brushed piano strings to percussive cello.

On December 10 in Gasson 100, the group performed Cobra (it’s different every time) in a concert that also included works by John Cage, Lukas Foss, and Harrison Birtwistle. The Callithumpian Consort has been named artists-in-residence for 2012–13, sponsored by the University’s Institute for the Liberal Arts and the music department.

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The student musicians: Daniel Fernandez ’14 (clarinet), Serena Lofftus ’13 (violin), Emma Lott ’14 (violin), Jonathan Mott ’14 (percussion), Peter Olsen ’13 (piano), Michael Rolincik ’16 (oboe), John Stathapoulos ’16 (cello).

Senior Producer: Ravi Jain, Producers: Miles Benson, Ryan Newton, Audio: Ryan Newton. Photographs by J. D. Levine.