Here’s looking at me

Published: May 2009

After a semester of learning basic graphic techniques and studying a range of styles, from the classicism of the Italian Renaissance to 20th-century German expressionism, students in introductory painting and drawing courses are asked to produce self-portraits. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Alston Conley narrates a slide show of self-portraits taken from a longer show that aired at the 11th annual Boston College Arts Festival, April 23–25. The works were created during the last four years by undergraduates in Conley’s Painting I class and Adjunct Professor Khalid Kodi’s Drawing I. The musical accompaniment is from a 1968 recording of “Where Am I,” performed by Boston College’s Eagles of Sound Dance Band, with guest saxophonist Richie Cole.

This feature was posted on Friday, May 15, 2009 and is filed under Audio Slideshows.
Producer: Miles Benson