Inquiring minds

Published: June 2006

Each year, a small number of seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences is selected to do independent research through the Scholar of the College program. Working with a faculty advisor, each student undertakes a project that culminates in the presentation of a thesis. This slideshow provides portraits of students and their advisors, along with faculty comments on the significance of the research accomplishment.

“Students who undertake this kind of intense intellectual challenge at an undergraduate level learn how to handle the pressure of working on a project where the consequences of failure can be huge. They are exceptionally well prepared for graduate school,” said Mark O’Connor, director of the Honors Program. “For faculty members, making the commitment to mentor undergraduates through the equivalent of four courses shows a real interest in the teaching project.”

The Scholars of the College program was established in 1958 with the selection of two students. In 2006, 22 seniors were selected to participate. The students who achieve Scholar of the College status are recognized at Commencement.

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Photos: Frank Curran