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Published: October 2015


Bloopers and outtakes from behind the scenes at the Parents’ Weekend slideshow shoot near Devlin Hall, September 25, 2015.

With thanks to, in order of appearance: Gary Wayne Gilbert, director of University photography; Nikki-Taylor Dow ’16, with her parents, Bob and Sue, and aunt Marianne Schubert; Jack Lonergan ’19, with his parents, John and Ita, and dormmate Nick McElroy ’19; Alison Jess ’18, with her parents, Steve and Stacey; Victoria Brown ’19, with her mother, Rose ’86; Gabby Perlewitz ’17, with her parents, Thomas and Peggy, and sister Hannah; Alyssa Ivancevich ’19, with her father, Adrian Ivancevich, and mother, Diane Knoles; Kate Carsky ’16, with her parents, Madeleine and Joe, and golden retriever Lucy; Katie Oksen ’19, with her parents, Chris and Mary, sister Emily, and grandmother Frances Frederic; Angela Arzu ’19, with her parents, Avery and Linda; Alyssa Rogowski ’17, with her parents, Putul and Michael; Pari Michalopoulous ’18, with her mother, Rebecca, and sister Sophia; Sageene Francis ’19, with her parents, Sandra and Georges; Will Dwyer IV ’19, with his parents, Bill III ’80, P’15, and Christine ’82, P’15; Jiane Li ’19, with her father, Jinsong Li, and mother, Hong Xu; and Amanda Brown ’16, with her parents, Lynn and Chris.

View the finished slideshow.

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Producer: Ravi Jain