Pop quiz: Finals stretch

Published: April 2015


What’s in store for finals week?

What’s your biggest research paper about?

On April 22, with a week to go until the end of classes, Boston College Magazine’s Zachary Jason ’11 talked closing strategies with students outside Stokes Hall.

With thanks to, in order of appearance (groups, left to right): master of theological studies student Jon Galo; Dave Lowenthal ’15; Miguel Salazar ’15; Marina Iturralde ’15; Teddy Malone ’18; Anne Dovolis ’18 and Camryn Hicks ’18; Megan Rodriquez ’15 and Megan Vasquez ’15; Pete Rodriguez ’18; Sam Nematchoua ’18; Hyun Soo Kim ’18, Seuk Won Jeong ’18, and Nathan Lee ’18; Isaac Holterman ’17; Berent Labrecque ’18; Kelly O’Connor ’18; Michael Salib ’18; Abner Montfleury ’18; and Matthew Edwards ’18.

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Producer: Ravi Jain; Video: Grady Craig '18.