Pop quiz: Growth chart

Published: October 2014


At the start of Parents’ Weekend on September 26, Zachary Jason ’11 interviewed parents and offspring about four weeks of independence and empty nests.

With thanks to, in order of appearance (groups, left to right): Manish Patel, P’18, Purvi Patel, P’18, and Parthiv Patel ’18; Nancy Ross, P’18, and John Ross, P’18; Rick McCrossan ’73, P’18, and Carol McCrossan ’79, P’18; Jennifer Hartman, P’18, Madeline Hartman (sister), Kyle Hartman ’18, and Ken Hartman, P’18; Montserrat de Muller, P’18, Megan Nater ’18, and Kevin Nater, P’18; Paul Smith, P’17, Lorraine Smith, P’17, and Paul Smith ’17; Mike Albritton, P’18; John Robertson ’16 and Kathryn Robertson, P’16; Alan Packer, P’18, and Zack Packer ’18; Laverne Burton ’77, P’17, and Kamau Burton ’17; Debbie McCord, P’16, and Doug McCord, P’16; Laura Clarke, P’15, ’18, and Caroline Clarke ’18; John Wiley ’16, Mark Wiley, P’16, and Mary Wiley, P’16; Alexa Pulli ’16; Sue Gurley (grandmother), Kelly Meston ’17, and Bob Gurley (grandfather); and Alex Cavanaugh ’17.

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Producer: Ravi Jain