Pop quiz: Merry measure

Published: December 2015


On December 3, Boston College Magazine’s Zachary Jason ’11 stood in front of the O’Neill Plaza Christmas tree and interviewed passing students about their holiday traditions and wishes.

With thanks to, in order of appearance (groups, left to right): Sarah Mandelblatt ’19 and Rebecca Ramjug ’19; Aba Samaan ’19 and Dan Casey ’17; Cristy Hernandez ’16; Steve Sheehan ’18; Jamie Kim ’17 and Khadijah Stephen ’16; Matt Garbus ’18; Catherine Zhang ’19; Paola Perez ’16; Coco Muir ’18; Shawn McNiff ’16; Emily Curley ’18; Deven Rana ’18, Sean Hughes ’19; Jojo Leveroni ’18; Kevin Kane ’16; Jacqueline Lacovara ’18; Billy Antonides ’18 and Matt O’Connor ’18; Kelly Sennot ’16 and Lydia Ahern ’16.

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Producer: Ravi Jain. Video: Paul Dagnello.