Pop quiz: Opening day

Published: September 2014


On August 29, the freshmen were settled; the sophomores, juniors, and seniors were moving in. Zachary Jason ’11—former arts and review editor of the Heights, now editorial assistant at Boston College Magazine—was on Stokes lawn asking students, parents, and faculty the big questions: What are you looking forward to? What are you most dreading? What is a rugby ruck?

With thanks to, in order of appearance (groups, left to right): Trevor Massey ’18; M.G. Wilson ’18; Carter Robertson ’18; Adriana Diaz ’18; Sam Mbugua ’18; Annie Murphy ’18 and Ally Frei ’18; Nicole Lee ’17, Makeeda Sinclair ’17, and Kellie O’Leary ’17; Shane Troy ’15 and Will Relle ’15; Michelle Morgan ’15; Kevin Longo ’17 and E.J. Mitton ’17; Jane Yoon ’18; Matt Piekarski ’17; Madison Dunn ’18; Alison Parsley ’18 and Lauren Crispi ’18; Nick Porter ’18; Jacqueline Gjonaj ’18 and Coco Hayes ’18; Akshaya Joshi, MBA’16, Varun Rungta, MBA’16, and Chun Fong Tsai, MBA’16; Kathleen Maloney, P’17, and Brian Maloney ’17; Mike Knoll ’18; Connor Marshall ’18 and Galen Laurence ’18; Amanda Cantrell ’17 and Danielle Harrington ’17; Joseph Turkmany, P’17, and Lisa Turkmany, P’17; Franck Salameh, associate professor of Slavic and Eastern languages and literatures; and Ryan Larue ’15.

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Producer: Ravi Jain, Video: Paul Dagnello