Googled: Raj Bhakta ’98, would-be apprentice

Published: September 2004

Raj Bhakta ’98, a real estate developer in Vail, Colorado, is now appearing on the second season of NBC’s hit television show, The Apprentice. On the first episode on September 9, Bhakta, 28—a former history major who is known around Vail for his signature bow tie and occasional walking cane—referred to Caesar’s empire-building, Joseph Stalin’s platform shoes, and British battleship names. He embraces Churchill as his hero, and claims not to watch television. The Apprentice, which airs on Thursdays, pits Bhakta against 17 fellow candidates who want to be hired by real estate mogul-cum-reality TV darling Donald Trump. Their first challenge: to create a new toy for Mattel, Inc.

This feature was posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2004 and is filed under Alumni.
Writer: Jeanne C. Williams