Published: May 2012


Since 1996, a growing number of Boston College undergraduates have run the Boston Marathon as a team. They’ve done so to raise money for the non-profit Campus School, which is based in the University’s Campion Hall and serves Boston-area children with multiple disabilities. Each runner pledges at least $175 for the school—the 2012 team raised approximately $58,000—in return for which they, too, receive support, including an 18-week training schedule and advice from dieticians and experienced runners. Orchestrating all this are the Campus School Volunteers, more than 300 undergraduates who raise funds and sponsor special programs for the school throughout the year.

Fifteen days before the marathon, on Sunday, April 1, at 10 a.m., some 35 of this year’s 290 marathon team members were loosening up in the Flynn Recreation Complex for a training run. Earlier, @BC interviewed two of them, Corleone Delaveris ’15, a first-time marathoner, and Angela Desmond ’13, co-chair of this year’s team and a Boston Marathon veteran.

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Producer: Ravi Jain, Video: Ryan Newton.