Sloan rangers

Published: May 2012


  • Michelle
  • Ying
  • Liane
  • Dunwei

Biologist Michelle Meyer, physicist Ying Ran, psychologist Liane Young, and chemist Dunwei Wang are among 126 scientists nationwide who were awarded Sloan Research Fellowships in 2012. The fellowship, given by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, provides a two-year, $50,0000 grant to early-career scientists “who show the most outstanding promise of making fundamental contributions to new science.” It will provide support to the four at Boston College in their investigations of topics ranging from the molecular evolution of RNA to the neuroscience of moral judgment. Fourteen Boston College faculty members have previously received Sloan Research Fellowships—most recently, professors Sara Cordes (psychology, 2010) and Kian Tan (chemistry, 2011). It is highly unusual for a university without a medical school or an engineering program to be the beneficiary of four Sloans in one year. Boston College led all Massachusetts colleges and universities in Sloan Research Fellowships this year.

Ari Daniel Shapiro ’01 developed these audio slideshows. A biology major at Boston College with a Ph.D. in biological oceanography from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Shapiro is an independent producer of radio and multimedia pieces on scientific subjects.

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Producers: Miles Benson, Ryan Newton, Brian Snyder. Photographs: Gary Wayne Gilbert. Additional photo credits: Stills and animations of RNA, Michelle Meyer. Image of coffeemaker, Photo of Wang’s hometown, Dunwei Wang. Photo of Hefei, China, Photo of sun through clouds, Matthew Martzell. Micrographs of silicon-titanium lattice, Dunwei Wang.

Audio slideshows produced by Ari Daniel Shapiro.