Speakers’ corner

Published: November 2012


In fall 2011, Education for Students by Students, a new undergraduate organization, launched BCTalks, a semi-annual forum for sharing academic interests outside the classroom. (The program was inspired by a popular online lecture series.) On the afternoon of November 4, eight undergraduates took the stage in the Heights Room for the third installment of the event.

Presenters: Jovalin Dedaj ’13, “ID Please: How Voter ID Laws Threaten Your Right to Vote”; Alana Fruauff ’14, “A Healthcare Crisis: My Experience in Nepal”; Lizzie Jekanowski ’13, “The F-Word: Why Men and Women Need Feminism Now More Than Ever”; Narintohn Luangrath ’14 (announcer); Christopher Mclaughlin ’13, “Listening to Babies: Using the Neonatal Behavioral Observation (NBO) System to Improve Post-Natal Care at Home and Abroad”; Ailis Peplau ’13, “From Africa to Boston College: The Experiences of the Underrepresented”; Alejandra Rodriguez ’14, “Mexico: A Culture Trapped in Time”; Minje Shin ’13, “Understanding Plato: The Preeminence of Dialectic”; and Corey Streitwieser ’13, “Rhetoric and the Cult of Athenian Democracy.”

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Producer: Ravi Jain, Video: Ryan Newton, James Zhen.