Googled: Maria Tecce ’90, torch song bearer

Published: March 2007

Maria Tecce ’90 left Boston for Galway in 1996 to study singing and never returned, spending more than a decade working as a musician and actress in Ireland.

A concert flautist in her youth, Tecce began entertaining in Ireland as a folk and blues singer and percussionist. Now based in Dublin, she has been performing one-woman cabaret shows at venues across Europe, with studio recordings of those routines resulting in two albums, All About Love (2003) and Torch Song (2006). Her vocal style has been described by the Irish Times as moving “from vivacious scat to sensual purr with easily swinging jazz standards that exude effortless cool.”

Tecce’s acting career began while in Boston, at Shakespeare & Company, and has since included roles in everything from popular Irish soap operas to the 2005 Hollywood remake of The Honeymooners, in which she played an entertainment coordinator.

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