Views from the top

Published: April 2015

Construction on a 490-bed, 240,000-square-foot dormitory at 2150 Commonwealth Avenue began in August 2014, after the demolition of More Hall. On March 31, 2015, Boston College Magazine photographer Lee Pellegrini stood on the roof of the five-story edifice under construction to capture campus changes and enduring landmarks.


North across Commonwealth Avenue sits the Brighton Campus, with the white cupola of the School of Theology and Ministry visible above the evergreens. The crane to the right is positioned at the former Cardinal’s Residence, which is being repurposed and will open in 2016 as the new home of the McMullen Museum.


To the west is St. Ignatius Church (center) and the main entrance to Lower Campus (left). Gasson Hall’s tower can be seen in the distance at left.


Facing southwest, with Stayer Hall in the foreground and St. Ignatius at right: Newly renovated St. Mary’s Hall is visible to the right of the Gasson Tower, which itself was fully refurbished in 2011.


Across St. Thomas More Road from the construction site, the view (to the south) shows the residence halls Stayer (center) and Walsh (left).


The new residence hall will have two wings—north (left) and south (right)—on either side of a main entrance courtyard.


The view from above the main entrance: The courtyard faces the primary entrance to Lower Campus.


Looking toward Lower Campus across the roofline of the north wing.


Overlooking St. Thomas More Road and Walsh Hall, with the Mods and egg carton roof of the Flynn Recreation Complex beyond.


East across the City of Boston’s Evergreen Cemetery is 2000 Commonwealth Avenue, a 16-story building owned by the University that will come online as another student residence in fall 2016.

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