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If you encounter problems using the webcam pages, here are a few quick remedies.

Live-Action Image Fails to Load

  1. If you do not receive an image (placeholder rectangle is black or gray), first “refresh” the page in your browser (most web browsers have a “refresh” or “reload” command in the “View” menu).
  2. If that doesn't help, quit your Web browser and launch it again.
  3. Still not working? Check the security settings on your Web browser to see if Java applets are enabled. The live-action view is delivered via a Java applet. Look at the security settings for your Web browser and update it to allow applets to run.

Live-Action Stops

If you are viewing live-action images and the images stop updating, leaving a still image on the screen, you have probably been "bumped" by the arrival of new users. If this happens, “refresh” your page using the “refresh” or “reload” command in the “View” menu of your Web browser.

If these tips don't help or address your problem, please report your experience using our Web Problem Report Form.

To send general comments on the BC webcams or the BC Web site in general, please use our Web Usability/Accessibility Form.

For general questions about Boston College, visit the Contact BC page.