Googled: BC women’s basketball team

Published: April 2004

It was a good year for women’s hoops at Boston College. The team captured the Big East championship for the first time ever, entered the NCAA tournament as the number three seed, and made it to the Sweet Sixteen before bowing out in a 76-63 game with the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Between the points and rebounds are the stories: how homesickness nearly prompted point guard Amber Jacobs to transfer from BC; how senior co-captain Maureen Leahy is recovering from a car accident (and a childhood rooting for UConn); and how Italian center Kathrin Ress adjusted to a new team and a new culture, while serving out a penalty for having played in Europe with a professional teammate. Below, links to Boston Globe articles from the past season, profiling some of the women who make the team.

This feature was posted on Thursday, April 15, 2004 and is filed under Alumni.
Writer, Research: Nicole Estvanik
Photo: Steve Slade