Published: February 2011


A Boston College Minute: Round 1, Rooftop Comedy’s National College Stand-up Competition, Robsham Theater, February 3.

Thirty-two colleges send their best comedians into competition for a chance to perform at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago in June. Boston College’s team of eight was chosen on February 3 by an audience of some 400 who were entertained by 19 aspiring comics. The team goes up against Emerson College on March 30.

The comedians, in order of appearance: Donald Chang* ’12; Madlyn Dionne ’13; Kevin Hall* ’12; Kerry O’Rourke ’14; Stephen Buckley* ’12; Patrick Kearnan ’11; Richard Evans ’12; Mary Ramsey* ’11; Baron Cannon ’11; Brianna Le Rose* ’11; David Brown ’13; Vanessa Menchaca ’13; Robert Duggan* ’11; John Blakeslee* ’12; Morgan Fry Pasic* ’13.

* Advancing to the next round.

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Producer: Ravi Jain; Video: Ravi Jain, Ryan Newton.